Dedication to an Art doesn’t require public accountability – Art only demands a passion to continue to study, and grow the Art when nobody else is paying attention but you.

There’s an old rescue saying if your car breaks down in an unfamiliar, isolated area, don’t leave the car. Don’t try to walk your way out of danger. Stay with the car. “We always find the car.” The same is true for writing. Don’t abandon the vehicle that got you there. #Publish

We learn by refinement of what we get wrong. Right answers don’t always help us know best. When we correct mistakes, we must place the truth above self-interest, and in that dawning awareness comes a realization of the whole that is taller and stronger that what we were.

If you don’t have any problems, you are not living a human life. Problem solving is the best part of being alive because it means you are actively involved in things that matter. The wasted life is one of quiet disconent, no interaction, and no conflict for nothing gained.

A Vegan friend said these Trader Joe’s wraps are delicious – I’ll know soon enough, yum! I’m always on the lookout for good Vegan stuff from Trader Joe’s. If you know of something good there, let me know!

#Vegan #TraderJoe

A cat within a cat within a cat within… OMG! This is the cutest thing I’ve seen all day. My “Sun God Cats” post is being read by another Sun God Cat! So meta. So wonderful. So super Cat-like to take control of the meme from the less deserving! #AI #Cats #SunGod

(many thanks to my pal, ArtForCats on Post.News for sending me this wonderful image!)

Learning enlightens a life. Every day we should learn something new. There are some among us who do not believe in learning. They believe they already know everything. The danger to us is when those of us who don’t know are forced to entertain those who only think they know.

Do scary things. A friend got her ears pierced after years of longing to do it; she was too scared to follow through. After the piercing, she said it wasn’t scary at all. Fear stays us all at some point. Face the unknown. Be brave and step forward into the abyss. Do scary things!

The greatest gift we give each other is access to the new worlds a book creates. Open the pages, close your expectations, and absorb the wonder! Give a book. Get a book. Steal a book. Write a book. Help someone learn to read. Read to someone who needs a lift out of this world.

The mystery of discovery is what keeps the active imagination alive. There’s always a chance. There’s always another way. There’s always a beginning in an end. In the thought, the purpose. In the dreaming, the determination.

Night cascades on the city proper; wiping away a goodbye sun as storm clouds decant darkness.

When a banned monster is welcomed back to terrorize the people again; know it has nothing to do with the monster, and everything to do with what the monster allows others to provoke in his name.

There is one thing that binds us together in the survival of the human condition. It is not sadness, or happiness, or joy, or success. The binder is simply grief. We will all experience it. Grief will belong to each of us, but not exclusively, because our grief must be shared.

The grand light of the day slices darkness, and we become aware in the glow of the promise of a broken horizon.

An investigation of the mind begins with a thought; and a thought, when closely inspected, dissipates into a dream. Active dreaming become intelligence when slept upon and patterend.

The perfection of a life is in the discovery of the flaws. Celebrate failure. Forget success.

We peer into the lonesome night, searching for a sign, asking for a message, seeking proof of life we are still here, that we still matter, that there is more to us than just us.

Contemplation is the matter of us; when our thoughts are disturbed by focused forces against us, we must rise together, and stand up, if we ever hope to sit down again.

A dream arrives on a whisper in the night and leaves in the terror of first light.

We sleep to know; we waken to see; we fight to stand; we love to linger.

The divine right we all enjoy is the refusal of acquiescence.

The composition of a life dangling between moon and earth, stars and the sun, sky and the sea, is one of balance against temptation.

We live on a tether. Every day I wonder how we survive in a world that is set against us. Many are one paycheck away from the street. Many are one slipped payment away from losing light and heat. And yet, we survive. And yet, we continue not to quit a world wagered against us.

An apple a day keeps the convoy away!

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Twitter on the Vine

Twitter must be clearly on its way to dying.

The API fiasco will only infuriate all the wrong people.

Creative people tend to create creative vengeance. I’m all here for it.

I have one Ukrainian friend who had his Twitter account cancelled. He created a new account and had that one cancelled, too. He, of course, hates Putin, but relied on Twitter to sell NFTs to support his family and the war effort. Now he has nothing.

Another friend, this one a Russian living in exile, had his Twitter account deleted as well. He found a way to get back on Twitter using a different account so he could continue to sell NFTs. He relies on Twitter to support his family by selling NFTs online, and getting the word out about his Art.

The API is dead. Third party Apps are dead. Is Putin having too much input on Twitter with the removal of Ukrainian citizens and Russians in exile?

It’s all just very curious, and strange, and I’m not sure what to think about it all.