To close the eyes is to trust the mind. #AI #Midjourney

A woman's face surrounded by a wreath of flowers.

The world as we think we know it spins to disorient knowledge and to challenge all acclimation. #AI #Midjourney

The globe in a crest.

Every book burns twice. First, when you read it. Second, when you tell someone about it. #AI #Midjourney #Books #Reading #Writing

Pages of a burning book.

When the memes of us turn deadly, we only recognize what was – and not what we will become – when the circle closes. #AI #Midjourney

Memes of us turn deadly.

We become our celebrations. Our celebrations are moral warnings. Our moral warnings fight the best of us. #AI #Midjourney #Setsubun

Setsubun festival with a giant red mask in a crowd.

We lift our faces to the sun, and we pray to keep the void safe and complete. #AI #Midjourney #Cats #CatsOfMastodon

Praying with a void.

I was greeted with this notification today from Twitter! I violated something I haven’t been on for five months! No reason. No example. Just a punishment! I told people to stop subscribing to me back in December, so I guess my punishment fits their crime! What an ugly place! #Twitter #Punishment

Twitter moderator removed me.

The power of thought begins in the acquisition of the word in meaning. The shared thoughts of others make us blink, and stare, into the wonderment of another mind alive. #AI #Midjourney

A young woman in a green dress reading.

The weight of imagination is only lifted by the anticipation of the relief of the release of thought. #AI #Midjourney

A woman with a cloud filled with thoughts hanigng above her.

We are mystified by what we do not know, or recognize, and instead of welcoming the new, and the foreign, we turn away, unlucky, and unwilling, to experience something new and bountiful. #AI #Midjourney

Triple eye of fear. One blue eye. One Red eye. A third red eye.

The royalty is not in the crown, or even the golden coronation. The royalty is in the attitude of converting the rise from the litter box to the throne. #AI #Midjourney #Cats

White Gothic Cat wearing a crown.

Hmm. I’m using the DALL-E Art Bot – via a new GPT-4 Chat Bot – to create my favorite meme: “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” and this is the thanks I get! #AI #DALL-E

"Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" -- with one hourse in every corner.

The fire among us, is within us, and escapes through the touching of a heart in despair. #AI #Midjourney

Woman on fire with a hand in flames.

AI Image Bots are not great with text. They can’t really insert text from a prompt, but that doesn’t mean they won’t insert random text anyway. It can be maddening! This AI cartoon is about “American Empathy” and if you ignore the text balloons, you can still divine the meaning! #AI #Midjourney

"American Empathy" cartoon. A man alone seeking company and not finding it.

We see through the veil of disappointment to learn what we almost won; we grieve the possibilities lost. We blink and we disappear. #AI #Midjourney

An American Flag eye.

The future we long to live is the past we have worked to forget. #AI #Midjourney

Blue Andriod in Times Square

When an idea burns, the thought is lost forever; but the residue of inspiration remains. That is how we remember. That is how we propagate knowledge. We are marked by bitter ash that survives the flame. #AI #Midjourney

A burned library.

You can serve two allegiances equally, and at the same time, and with respect. #AI #Midjourney

Older Indian woman wrapped in a Chrokee blanket sitting in front of an American flag.

We cling to life looking for a soft place to land. Sometimes we are left hanging by condition and circumstance, and there we wait, soaked in the moment, waiting to fall. #AI #Midjourney

Man hanging in midair in a waterfall.

Here’s one thing I’ve learned, the hard way, in my old age: Being an adult is sometimes apologizing for things you did not do. #AI #NIJI #Midjourney

Standing in accusation.

We live a quiet life while, above us, the heavens sing out for our attention. #AI #Midjourney

We imagine one world and dream in another. #AI #Midjourney

Happy Earth Day! #AI #Midjourney

Earth as a birthday cake in space with candles and sparkles.

There is an elegance is making the ridiculous sublime. The jester may be wiser than the king. The joke may cut deeper than the fact. The laugh may hurt more than the cry. #AI #Midjourney

Steampunk calliope hat.

What draws the human touch into a Bot? The Bot or the Human? #AI #Midjourney #Bots #Human

A Bot with a Human Hand drawing itself with pen and paper.