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Twitter on the Vine

Twitter must be clearly on its way to dying.

The API fiasco will only infuriate all the wrong people.

Creative people tend to create creative vengeance. I’m all here for it.

I have one Ukrainian friend who had his Twitter account cancelled. He created a new account and had that one cancelled, too. He, of course, hates Putin, but relied on Twitter to sell NFTs to support his family and the war effort. Now he has nothing.

Another friend, this one a Russian living in exile, had his Twitter account deleted as well. He found a way to get back on Twitter using a different account so he could continue to sell NFTs. He relies on Twitter to support his family by selling NFTs online, and getting the word out about his Art.

The API is dead. Third party Apps are dead. Is Putin having too much input on Twitter with the removal of Ukrainian citizens and Russians in exile?

It’s all just very curious, and strange, and I’m not sure what to think about it all.