The King of the Jungle is rarely overrun by a greater beauty. #AI #Midjourney

Woman surrounded by Cats.

Not even Steampunk Sisyphus can beat the rock! #AI #Midjourney #Myth

Steampunk Sisyphus

We flay the ties that bind only to discover in our fitful escape that we are still braided by marionette strings controlled by – some other else – hanging us forward to drop us backward. #AI #Midjourney

Space person hanging by an atomic string.

Life begins in explosion and ends in fire. #AI #Midjourney

Exploding house on fire.

I’m experimenting with a new AI Art Bot today – Bluewillow (it’s also on my Discord server if you want to try it out) – and this image was the first result for a “La Traviata Opera” prompt. Hmm. This is going to be an interesting new relationship! #AI #Bluewillow

Brunette woman looking perplexed.

We are always the most confident right before the fall. #AI #Midjourney

A golden statue about to topple

Lucky O’Connell – David Boles, Blogs dog author who is actually a dog – wishes you, and yours, a Happy National Donut Day (along with his good friend, Frank!)! #Donut #Sinatra #Dog #Lucky

Frank Sinatra and Lucky O'Connell sharing a donut.

Now is the time to fight for Deaf accessibility in performance at The Metropolitan Opera in NYC! Accessibility belongs to all! Read our article and react and respond! #Deaf #ASL #Opera #MetOpera #NYC…

ASL for Opera logo. Red hands on a pale face.

Sometimes a flex is more than just a muscle. #AI #Midjourney

Blueprint of a flexed bicep.

The salvation we need is often winged, rarely wanded, and always wears a crown. #AI #Midjourney

Winged Electra with a wand.

When the end is known in the beginning, the history of what happens no longer matters to those trying to remember. #AI #Midjourney

The moments of belonging are found within us; only in our darkness may we find our light. #AI #Midjourney

Woman wearing a black skull cap with her eyes closed.

As Casey Kasem famously never said, “Keep your paws on the ground, and keep reaching for your eye in the sky!” #AI #Midjourney

One eye seer Cat eye in the sky.

The key to overcoming disillusionment is boredom. There is no escape from facing the reality of a dead mind. #AI #Midjourney

Bored yellow haired princess.

The Dark Arts are invented by transparent souls founded upon the idea of invisibility in moral magic. #AI #Midjourney

Dark Artist standing in dark clothes.

The center of a melody is the common rhythm of the shared, dramatic heartbeat. #AI #Midjourney

A blacked outline of a figure caught in the sun.

The trick to becoming a God in our own machine is in the removal of the soul from the gaze. #AI #Midjourney

God in a machine.

When there is a reckoning afoot, the tender head must defend the provocative mind while the rest of us wrestle with the meaning of the sublime in context. #AI #Midjourney

Close up image of a young face wearing amber glasses.

The urge to communicate beyond the us of us is the driving force behind the human need to connect beyond the known self. #AI #Midjourney

Satellite in space.

Pareidolia is more than just a face in a cloud! #AI #Midjourney

Two televisions making a face in space.

When our disguises become us, we are left alone to fight our demons. #AI #Midjourney

Woman reveals a skull that is a hat.

We rise to meet our tall fears, and to escape to new lowlands – all with our hidden tremors buried deep within us, waiting for discovery. #AI #Midjourney

Tall ship sailing.

We live in moments of incapacitation; we only move forward when the danger becomes us. #AI #Midjourney

Person in a red coat and a black gas mask.

We look to the stars, not to find ourselves, but to discover the lives of others who lived before us and to learn about those who shall learn to live without us. #AI #Midjourney

Astrophotography AI imagination.

When the forest becomes the trees. #AI #Midjourney #Guitars #Gibson #LesPaul

Three Les Paul Gibson guitars in the forest with the forest.