There are those among us who hide their perversions and perceptions. They pretend to go along. They become a blank sheet of paper upon which you write what you want – but never what they intend. Once ignited, and revealed, everyone is enraptured by their incendiary deception. #AI #Midjourney

Eyes peeking out from a triangle.

When we fling our tomorrows against the sky, we are holding hope in the night, waiting for the right star to fall, so others may wish upon our best, sacrificed, gifts. #AI #Midjourney #Starry #Wish

A different Starry Night.

“If the oaks and stars could die for sorrow, it’s a dark sky and a hard and naked earth we’d have this night.” -Deirdre of the Sorrows- by John Millington Synge in 1910. #AI #Midjourney #Stars #Oaks #DramaticLiterature

The Oaks and Trees.

The Federated sky still belongs to us. #AI #Midjourney #Federated

Cherry Blossom Nebula

Mastodon has become a great place to meet new friends. Nobody is out to hassle you, or get you, or give you a hard time just because they’re having a hard day. You can explore ideas, and joke around, and the world doesn’t end in fire or force. Finally, we are home. #AI #Midjourney #Mastodon #Friends

Multicolor Mastodon

We may not realize it, but every day we dig our final grave a little bit deeper. Our tragedies, our griefs, our joys, our loves all combine to cover the mask. They all become pits of hunger and pinnacles of wonder; and when it is our time, every 100 years new people, we smile with closed eyes. #AI

Old woman digging her own grave.

What gets enveloped, gets dissolved. What is collected, becomes memory. What remains solid, liquifies. Be the burden of the other. #AI #Midjourney

Moon eating the sun.

The most important part of your day is not one of work or even imagination – it is the moment of contemplation you gift yourself. You explore thoughts. You evaluate results. You learn from what did not work. You fix what turned out right. A moment of silence in a lifetime. #AI #Midjourney

Cartoon man in a hat contemplating a life.

There is one, and only one rule when you live and play in the Fediverse: ABB = Always Be Boosting! Favoriting is not enough. Bookmarking is not enough. Get the content you support out of your private silo, and promote it to the rest of the world to share the love! BOOST! #AI #Midjourney #Mastodon

Boosted rocket!

Honor your melancholia, for it is the ultimate mark of being alive. You reflexively examine your life, relive your mistakes, and try to reform all bad behavior in the future. Yet, the human compunction to repeat what we know terraforms all immediate wants, into wishes, into needs. #AI #Midjourney

A smiling face with melancholia.

When the old and the new mix, a new function of mind appears. Was informs now, and rejuvenation of the Spring abides a new moment that reflects the promise of tomorrow while hailing the wonders of the past. #AI #Midjourney #Wind #Barn

Windmills around an abandoned barn.

If you are asked to carry the sun, do it. If you are asked to tote the moon, do it. If you are begged to stretch the horizon between tooth and toe, do it. We live for the achievement and accomplishment. Our integrity is embedded in the disinterested good deed. Make the goodness count! #AI #Horizon

Cartoon man carrying the sun.

Friendship arrives in small delicacies and gigantic indulgences. Do not fear the unknown wonder staring back at you with a wonky gaze. Look up, and embrace a chance from the unknown. Live to wish upon another falling friend, because what you catch might just hug you back! #AI #Midjourney #Friendship

Two friends exchanging gifts. One, a small child. The other, a gigantic monster.

The future behind you beckons for recognition. Turn around face the inevitable, or keep your eye in the now, and disregard the flesh tearing from your back reaching for your attention. #AI #Midjourney #Photography #Monster

Woman holding a camera with a monster behind her.

The Panopticonic gaze is always upon us, lazily watching us through droopy eyes and twitching whiskers. The pale, porcelain face glows with the light of a new morning, providing cover for the darkening of the day. We cannot stare away. We become the tamed stray and stay. #AI #Midjourney #Cats

Woman with a decorated hood holds a cat.

We exist in a life searching for greatness and ending in remembrance. We hope to be better than we were born. We make mistakes. We fix the errors of others. In the end, we face ourselves alone, examining our flaws and longing for the moment of reflection that makes it all make sense. #AI #Midjourney

Portraiture of Agamemnon.

Nature is wild, and uncontrolled, and beautiful in its essence to beguile and threaten.

Great Plains sunset.

A splash of luck becomes a splash of life. Color becomes the medium for expression of joy and the eradication of melancholia. We may weep. We may mourn. But in the end, we celebrate the contextualization of the vibrancy of the living. A resonance that sings forever in both tone and hue!

#AI #AIart

Multicolor paint splashing on an apple.

Oddity is good. Not fitting in is smart. Being an outlier is where the real life lives. The world will try to indoctrinate you. You will be put in a line. You will be drawn in a box. Resist the urge to be one of many. Bet on yourself to be your own one and only.

#AI #AIart #Midjourney #Oddity

A blue oddity with giant eyes.

The Khufu Ship sails again! Thanks to imagination, history, and the power of AI.

#AI #AIart #Midjourney #KhufuShip #Egypt

Khufu Ship

When you meet evil face to face, what do you do? Stand and fight? Turn and run? Negotiate?

#AI #AIart #Midjourney #Ram #BlackPhillip #Witch

Think box-breaking. Be daring. Don’t let the small whittle you down. There is danger in challenging what people think they know; and there is victory in helping them see the light in your light. Forge your own pathway, but invite others to follow you to the new horizon.

#AI #AIart #Midjourney #Danger

A muscular cartoon man lifting himself from being trapped inside a box.

The eruption of purpose doesn’t happen in every life. Some people are placeholders. Others are sketches in need of definition. Bold prosecution of performance requires risk, and gumption, and a drive to make a mark that may not last forever. Divinity is in the effort to want.


Grey, muscular, mythical, statue.

Tea is the steeped beginning to the end. The world in your tempest. Touch the universe on your lips. All continental sorrows drown away against the seaside tongue. The vessel of the throat sings out with the dignity of the forgotten and the honorific of the blessed.

#AI #AIart #Midjourney #World #Tea

A glassy teapot holding the contents of the world.

The mechanisms of the living are found in the levers of the heart. Bright, shiny, objects distress the shrine keeper while confirming the threat to life in the gears of death.

#AI #AIart #Midjourney #Crow #Heart

Black crow with a mechanical heart.